Dr. Donald Levine, MD, F.A.C.S

Dr. Levine brings more than three decades experience to his role as otolaryngologist, more commonly known as an ear, nose and throat surgeon. He draws on many medical and surgical disciplines for a diverse set of skills that meet the complex problems he sees each day. Dr. Levine treats everything from emergencies such as airway blockages and nasal hemorrhages to chronic issues such as hearing loss, breathing problems, headaches, and skin lesions.Donald Levine ENT Doctor

Dr. Levine’s youngest patients visit him for problems such as tonsilitis, ear infections, allergy problems, nasal trauma from sports injuries, and congenital deformities, while his older patients often visit for hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, dermatitis, and chronic throat problems.

Dr. Levine thoroughly assesses every patient, so he can determine the right diagnosis and best treatment plan. When you visit Dr. Levine, he will conduct an exam, ask you questions about your condition and medical history, and possibly conduct audiologic, endoscopic, allergic, and/or radiologic testing.

With this comprehensive approach, Dr. Levine can identify the underlying causes of your condition. As a leading E.N.T., Dr. Levine knows there are often many different causes requiring multiple modes of treatment. For example, a nasal breathing problem with sinus disease may require everything from allergy and autoimmune treatments to endoscopic sinus surgery. Tinnitus treatment may involve addressing congestive middle ear problems and/or inner ear circulatory and metabolic problems.


Dr. Levine specializes in treating allergies, which are often key causes of ear disorders, nasal airway obstruction, post-nasal drip, ocular problems, and chronic laryngopharyngitis. He is also known for his surgical dexterity, gained through delicate ear, nose, and throat surgeries, as well as through cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries such as rhinoplasty. Dr. Levine is sought after for his expertise in the rhinoplasty or nose job procedure, which he performs for both medical and cosmetic reasons.

Patient with hearing concerns can also visit Dr. Levine at the Nyack Hearing Center. Here, he works with experienced audiologist Dr. Pam Greenspan to bring the latest medical, surgical, and technological hearing treatments to his patients.

To make an appointment with Dr. Levine, please call us at (845) 358-1700 today or click here to schedule an appointment.